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January 2012

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New Year

Its been awhile for me writing in my journal. Its a new year and Garrett have to change. I am not going to hold anything back I am going to let you know just how I feel. Work is going to change to I am going to let the kids know, bar know and all the workers that I am not going to take any of there @$%&. I new year, new me. I am looking to find more friends and maybe a good friend. At home I have one of the best friend a person can ask for. He is my, brother, my drinking buddy, my pal, my roommate. He helped me out more then he know it. I thank God everyday for him. He is someone I would give my last dime to if he needs it. I am looking forward to starting off new this year and where me and my partner who lives in dallas now relationship go I will meat it head on. I been with him for 13yrs and if this the end of the road for us or just another beginning I am ready to face it. I know this sounds more like a I am "Woman hear my roar" speak, but I am a "Man so watch me soar".


Feels are mutual. We have grown a bond and hope it grows only stronger. "Amama oha noa! May the rain of blessings fall"